How to Market Your Ebook -Kindle and Beyond

‎Below is a recap on how to market your own ebook. The discussion is centered in large part about the pros and cons of offering your book in the Kindle Select Program.

Kathleen Cross you've mentioned several things that have contributed to your ebooks success so far.

1- You made your ebook available for free for a limited time on Kindle.
2- You actively promoted your give away using Facebook and Twitter.
3- You used the hashtags #free and #ebook when on tweeting
4- You also promoted using your own blog
5- You've done what you can to make your work more visible.

These are all actions that anyone reading this may take. When they do these things they will in fact, see some additional traction in downloads.

You're right in that some, if not many people who download ebooks for free may never read them, but you can't be overly concerned about people that download merely, because the book is free. One must be concerned about the people that will read and enjoy the book.

These are the people who will ultimately seek more of your reading material should the story have a wonderful beginning, middle and end, have little to no spelling or grammatical errors and give the reader value for their hard earned money.

With that being said, it's important to mention your other titles in each of your books as it becomes your internal marketing machine.

You may include a short note in your book sharing how you're an independent author/publisher and have taken the time to ensure you create a high quality story for your readers and if they appreciate the story, you'd be most appreciative of them writing a review on wherever they downloaded the ebook.

It may also be a great idea to price your other books slightly higher. For instance, if your book you're offering for free, normally sells for $2.99 you may want to price your other books at $4.99 or $5.99.

Given your material is reader approved, they will have no, problem investing a few additional dollars, because you've proven yourself to them.

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