Self Publishing Your Book

Self-publishing your own book is easier today than it's ever been as there are several ways to start publishing. You may publish your book by printing your own books, publishing your own ebook and/or audio book.

To learn the step-by-step process of publishing your printed book you'll want to read How to Self-Publish for Profit that I've authored. Publishing your own ebook is probably the most cost effective way to start publishing your own material. Depending on how determined you are you could have a ebook ready for publishing within one to seven days. The biggest thing stopping people from publishing their own ebook is fear. They often fear the ebook not being long enough or they will someone how mess it up. Let me say that while you may read all the books, blogs and magazines as well as watch a number of videos on book publishing one of the best ways of learning the process is by starting immediately. The longer you wait the more time you miss from engaging and selling your book to your audience.

This blog has more resources than I had before I published my first paperback or ebook. Additionally, I was homeless while working on my book, so you have little excuse for not getting started immediately. One of my inspirations for writing and publishing How to Self-Publish for Profit was I knew if I could do it you could too.

The more resources you visit and post you read within this self-publishing blog the more your confidence will build that you too can publish your own book. A word to the wise, you'll never truly be done with your book, because your creative imagination is always working and that's what version two, three, four and five come in. With the right determination you could publish your book within 3 to 12 months. If you're feeling or thinking some kind of way about publishing your book read Unrealistic Goal Setting.