17 Twitter Tips

How to advance your Twitter activity, so that you increase your followers fairly quick.
  1. Add extreme value to your followers
  2. Engage your followers-start conversations with people
  3. Be yourself
  4. Don't use DM so much it isn't picked up by the search tools
  5. Have meaningful conversations
  6. Go the extra mile to help others
  7. RT messages you think are valuable to your followers (RT=retweet)
  8. Give a lot; get a lot
  9. Follow people who are in your niche market
  10. Don't follow everyone that follows you if you can't add vale to them or vice versa
  11. Ask questions to keep your conversations going with followers
  12. Include links every now and again when Tweeting to your followers
  13. Follow some of the big names on Twitter
  14. Include a good photo of yourself on your Twitter profile
  15. Include a short bio on your Twitter profile people read them
  16. Include your official link in your Twitter profile first, then any social networks
  17. Ask people from your other social networks to follow you on Twitter
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