Do You Self-Publish to Sell?

A friend and I were talking and he mentioned that he participated in a teleseminar and the host was sharing information he gathered from a self-publishing printer. The host asked the printer what is the average number of books sold by self-published authors. The printer replied 200 books. Many books retail between $10 and $20.

If you sell 200 books at $20/book you'll generate $4,000 U.S. Dollars. If you were generating $4,000 per month, was single with no dependents and not living in a major U.S. City you could make a decent living for yourself, but to only sell 200 books and earn $4,000 over the life of your book is a bit depressing from a business model standpoint. However if you've written and published your book for some other sentimental reason congrats you've hit the jackpot my friend.

For writers and self-published authors seeking to sell more books and make more money we need to focus on branding, marketing, promoting, publicizing and advertising ourselves and our books. One of the main reasons that your books may not be selling is because you've not properly identified your target market (book buyers).

If I wrote novels I'd seek out book clubs to pitch my book to. I'd come up with some qualifiers as not to waste my time or theirs (the book club). I'd forward one to three review copies of my books to the books club with a cover letter and order form should the club decide to order books. Any promotional material and marketing collateral I had would be included with the package. All you'd need is a few book clubs to bite (buy) and you're off and going.

In the absence of something you should create something. If there are no book clubs near your city you could start one. The local coffee shop, public library or civic center may be used as a neutral meeting location. In addition, to self-publishing your paperback or softcover book you'll want to resell your product as an ebook. Since, you're book is already in electronic form it wouldn't take much for you to get up an running. On make money self-publishing you'll find full details on self-publishing your own ebook.

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