MP3- How to Make Money from Your Book

The fourth source of revenue from your existing book will be through MP3's. With your audio books you will want to offer sections and chapters of your book as downloadable MP3's from your website. MP3 is a compression format for audio much like PDF is a compression format for word documents. MP3's allow for your audio books to quickly be sold and distributed through digital distribution. Most audio software pre-installed on computers allows you to easily convert your audio files to an MP3. The MP3's available for download will help you greatly increase your revenue.

Let's say that you had a book with fifteen chapters and the entire audio book sold for $20. You might sell each chapter as a digital download with a price point of anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99. At these prices you have greatly increased your profit margin per chapter sold. You have made it affordable for people who may be willing to buy one or more chapters without paying the entire $20. However, they may find themselves coming back and buying the entire book. I would imagine this is great for technical or how to books. It is wonderful for novels where people may not want to spend the entire dollar amount without sampling a chapter or two.

This is an excerpt from How to Self-Publish for Profit