Putting Books Into Stores

Because you probably have a limited money supply and resources, you will want to limit the number of books you put in each store. You will want to always have a small inventory of books on hand for those unannounced special occasions where you could quickly sell books to friends, relatives and business associates. Some stores will sell your books a lot faster by the sheer fact they have a higher degree of foot traffic in their store.

Bookstores in malls for example, tend to have a lot of people going in and out of them. Especially if they are located near the food court of the main mall entrance. Until you know which stores will sell the most books in the shortest time period, you'll want to limit the number of books you put in each store on consignment. Initially, I would suggest putting between 3 to 5 books per store. This will ensure that you have enough inventory to cover many of your local book and specialty stores. As your books begin selling well in certain stores you may want to increase the amount of books you leave from anywhere 5 to 12. This entire article may be found in How to Self-Publish for Profit.