Start Selling and Self Publishing

Since, your book is coming and preparing to be self published, now is a great time to start talking about it to people. Learn the art of naturally speaking about your self published book in your everyday conversation. Make it your business to play the game. The game is finding a way to talk about your book no matter who you're talking to or the subject you're talking about. The more you do it the better you get. The business is doing it.

Many writers and new authors think their work is done once they complete the writing of the book. However, they quickly find out that the writing part is often simple compared to the constant branding, marketing, promoting and publicizing that it takes to spread the word about their new book.

In life as in the business of self publishing things tend to run in cycles and have there seasons. Therefore, since you know your book is going to be published and you have a title it is great to get into the habitual habit of talking about your book to all whom you know and don't know. It is paramount that you be excited about your fiction or non-fiction work. You must believe what you say before you say it in order for others to believe you.

Your book is a masterpiece and a close likeness to your child as you have conceived it in thought and manifest it onto flesh. Your book deserves a fighting chance in the sea of numbers. Your book deserves to go through a natural growing progress and will have the best chance of succeeding in life with your infinite imagination.

Self publishing isn't for everyone, but for those who walk its' path the reward is truly sweet for the wisdom in the process is bestowed only to those that seek and carry on its' work.

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