Self Publishing Video

Self publishing video is a great way for any writer, author or book publisher to brand, market and sell more books. You'll also want to read How to Self-Publish for Profit to get details on self-publishing your own book.

Self publishing video doesn't require a great deal of technical know how, but it may require a passion to succeed and patience. You'll need to have access to the following:
  • A video camera -consumer camera will typically work
  • A computer -to edit your video
  • Video editing software -to edit your video
  • Internet access -to share your video with the world online
Video Camera
I've used both a JVC mini-dv camera and a JVC hard disc video camera to record my videos. If you can afford it get a hard disc camera, tapes are being phased out of the marketplace.

As of this post I use both a Toshiba and Sony Laptop Computers. Both were bought in late 2007.

Video editing software
I've tried various video editing software and decided I'd use the software that comes with Windows Vista pre-installed on my laptops, it's called Windows Media Maker. To date this has worked fine for me. Keep in mind I'm not attempting to make a feature film either, I'm simply needing something that is fairly simple to use that I could edit and upload to the Internet and brand, market and sell my books.

Internet access
You'll obviously need to be able to get online if you want to upload your videos and actively promote them to your target market.

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