Self Publish Your Own Video

Having video is paramount for any writer/author/self-publisher seeking to continue to brand, market, promote and publicize their business and books. Online videos have brought me paying clients and has increased my brand recognition. The interesting thing is that consumers (if that is who you are targeting) often are not as concerned with the most professional video as they are the content that you're delivering.

At the end of the day they want to know what's in it for them -benefits and features. Once you explain that in plain view they are willing to bite on your irresistible offer.

If possible you want to upload between two (2) to four (4) videos a month. Remember you don't have to invest thousands to record, edit and upload a video to various websites, blogs and social networking communities. You do need a burning desire, a practical written plan and to execute that plan daily. With a consumer camcorder or video cam you may record your own video.