Self Publish Book Page Count

Are you considering self publishing your own book? Do you need to know how many pages your self published book should be?

One indicator is to look at best selling and/or popular books in your genre to get an idea for there page length.

Put yourself in the consumers shoes and ask yourself if you were browsing books in a similar genre and both were priced the same, but one seemed to offer more information which would you most likely purchase?

It has been my experience that there are a number of factors that contribute to a book selling or not selling. One of those factors is page count. Other factors include in no particular order your branding, marketing and promotions campaign, you ability to speak in front of people on a regular basis, your media hype machine (publicity), recommendations/endorsements from respected people in your genre, your burning desire, practical written plan and daily execution of that plan.

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How to Self Publish for Profit by JaWar