12 Reasons to Publish Your Own Ebook

Ebooks are electronic books and are really awesome for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

1) When you sell ebooks direct you keep about 95% of the profit.
2) You can crank out an ebook as often as you like -got an idea take it to market.
3) Ebooks allow you to reach a global market almost instantly.
4) Once you have a system/formula the price is almost $0 to create an ebook.
5) Multiple ebooks mean multiple revenue streams.
6) Ebooks help you create residual/passive income for yourself and loved ones.
7) Your ebooks may be put into your estate -it's intellectual property.
8) Creating your ebooks are relatively simple once you have a system.
9) Brining an ebook to market is often easier than bringing a paperback to market.
10) An ebook is another way for your readers to access your material.
11) Not having an ebook means your not effectively competing against your competition.
12) The only thing stopping you from publishing your own ebook is you.

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The one thing that normally stops people from publishing their own ebook is the same thing that stopped me -FEAR. Fear is worse than karma, it prohibits us all from taking action. In action is a cancer that has to be cut out. You cut out fear by having access to information and resources that allow you to face fear head on. Make Money Self Publishing give you that information and resources.

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