7 Self Publish Book Marketing Tips

Traditional marketing wisdom teaches us that it takes about seven (7) impressions before people respond to an advertisement or marketing materials. This means they must hear, touch, taste, smell, see or otherwise experience something before they buy. If we hold that to be true it's safe to assume that if you were to enter a new market without any set up you are doomed to fail miserably for the most part, because most the people at the book expo or trade show would only have heard about you and your book for the first time. There are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if you are relentless in your efforts during the event you may be able to change your sell to impression conversion rate. In an attempt not to use to much jargon here are some solutions.

1) Prior to attending an event use social networking to tap into the local market. Myspace, Tagged, Linkedin, etc.

2) Prior to going to an event create video and send it out to people using your social network platform

3) Hire a publicists or pr firm in the local market you're going to in an effort to get press. Ideally this should be done 6 to 9 months for print media. Obviously online media needs less time.

4) Do your on publicity or pr work informing the local market of your arrival and where you'll be signing books.

5) KNOW THIS: Branding, marketing, promotions, advertising and publicity is a 24/7 activity. If you're on the road traveling leave flyers in the gas station & restaurant in route. You never know who may see your material. I often leave flyers vividly displayed right at the gas pump. It works!

6) If you're on the plane give out flyers and business cards, etc. while waiting to board and while on board the plane. Every situation is an opportunity to sell many books.

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How to Self Publish for Profit
How to Self Publish for Profit by JaWar