Marketing Books at Parties

Recently an author told me that they were going to a friends for a birthday celebration. I suggested that the author bring several copies of the book to ensure they wouldn't miss any chances to market and sell their new novel. They agreed.

The next morning the author contacted me via text that read "wanted to let you know I sold 8 books last night!" and not two minutes later I received another text that read "make that 9." Had the author not been ready they would have missed a chance to turn a great opportunity into real sells. As an author you are a business and every business must sell in order to stay profitable and grow. Don't ever get into that sick mind set of I don't do that as it relates to marketing and selling your book. This is especially true with your first book.

People tend to buy the author and not so much the book. Given the book is really compelling the reader will tell others on their own without you having to do much of anything. The focus is to remember to always stay ready by having books with you at all times and don't be afraid to engage people as they may be willing to buy. Discount no one as you never know who will buy one or more of your books.

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