Keep Visitors on Your Ning Site

Do you have a Ning profile in an effort to network, market and sell your self published book? Ning is a social networking community with thousands, if not tens of thousands of communities. It's like Myspace on super vitamins.

In any event is the outline towards keeping people on your Ning Profile longer. When people stay on a site, blog or profile longer they tend to remember the site and return.
  • Get people to stay your profile page longer.
  • Get people to listen to more of your music.
  • Keep people returning to your profile page.
  • Give something to others without having to do much.
  • Give something away without having to invest any money.
Below are the secrets that may keep people on your profile page for a long time.

Add relevant and useful self publishing content and information to your profile and keep visitors on your site longer. The Content is Automatically Updated all you need to do is copy and paste the html code below.

The instructions are really, really simple.

1) Copy the following code
2) On the right hand side of your page click the EDIT Tab next to RSS
3) Paste where it reads URL
4) On the DISPLAY Tab select Titles Only
5) On the SHOW Tab select 20
6) Select the SAVE Tab
7) We're done.

8) BONUS -you may adjust the DISPLAY AND SHOW Tabs so the content fits your profile page best. Remember the goal is to give people content so they will stay on your page for a long time.

You now have additional content that will be automatically updated on your profile page. You now give readers another reason to stay on your page longer. If you have music this helps them to listen to more of your songs and/or tracks.

You can use this process on all of your NING related sites. The more you have the more people will stay on your page.

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