Borrowed Ideas -How to Self Publish?

The interesting thing about ideas is that we all borrow them. Some of us give or attempt to give credit, while others do not. Unfortunately, ideas may not be copywritten, trademarked or patented. However, once you put your idea to something tangible then you may protect in legally using the letter of the law in these United States.

As you continue to build your brand and expand your reach you'll find that when someone borrows your ideas and doesn't credit or pay you a wealth of other opportunities typically will open up for you. For instance, I've been contacting people all day on this site, but you're on of the few that I'm conversing with. Within our correspondence a business relationship is beginning to form. I'm not sure where it will lead, but it may be good for us both.

My first book was stolen word-for-word and released by someone else. Because the intent was wicked and it was not meant for them I've been able to move forward and create a tiny fortune for myself through other related books, materials, consulting and paid speaking engagements. The person that stole my intellectual property (book) was part of my encouragement to keep on keeping on. Now my books are sold globally in physical and ebook format. :-)

Stick around and you'll find we all have a story to tell.