Is How to Self Publish for Profit for You?

As an aspiring author, are you seeking a royalty rate of 3% to 11% off the retail-selling price per unit on the books you wrote? Are you seeking to give total editing control to someone who is not familiar with your writing style, personality or vision for your book? Are you seeking to give up ownership of your intellectual property ie copyrights that may generate hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars over the life of the copyright (the life of the copyright being the life of the creator/writer/author (you) plus seventy some odd years)?

After taking months (if not years) of writing, you must now promote your manuscript to a group of people who may not be familiar with your writing style or inspired by your work. They may not have a clue on how to promote your book to your target market. Your writing future may be left in the hands of complete strangers; people who are many miles and moons from where you live or where your target market frequents. This is a but a glimpse into your future as an aspiring author.

Many writers seek the traditional publishing route for a number of reasons, primarily due to fear or ignorance. Fear that they will not succeed; fear that they don't have enough start up capital; fear that they will do something wrong or "mess up" something; fear of talking to people, fear of taking control of their own destiny, fear of not being accepted, fear of being a trail blazer and a host of other fears that make me sick... these fears often stop people from doing something different.

Because of the lack of proper information, education, guidance, resources and experience, we are often ignorant on how to do something. The continued lack of proper information prevents us from knowing about book publishing. The lack of proper information does not grant us the ability to look at different vantage points as it relates to having a book published. It decreases our awareness. Not having proper education on how book publishing actually works prohibits us from building the confidence necessary to successfully start and run a publishing company. The lack of guidance, resources and experience add to our ignorance on book publishing and force us to think that the only way to see our writing in print is by taking the plunge of the traditional book publishing route. Ignorance is a disease that has a cure, but for many it is not known. It isn't known because they lack a burning desire.

If this is you, you should seek either a literary agent or entertainment/literary attorney that will shop (pitch) your manuscript to book publishers. A literary agent will get anywhere from 5% to 25% of either your gross or net income from future book sells. If you use a literary agent to shop your manuscript to book publishers, you will still need a literary attorney to review and/or draft a contract on your behalf. A literary attorney may charge anywhere from $200/hr to $500/hr. Some literary attorneys have great connections in the book publishing business and may shop your book for you. In this case you may not need the services of a literary agent and may save yourself a few pennies. If you seek the approval of a literary agent and want to take the traditional book-publishing business model, then stop reading now; this book is not for you!

Are you seeking 50% to 100% of the retail selling price from the book you authored? Do you want your writing and publishing generating efforts to free you from your 9 to 5 job? Are you seeking the fast track to wealth creation and retention through the formation of LLC's (limited liability companies) or other types of corporations? Are you seeking to maintain control and ownership of your intellectual property (i.e. copyrights that may generate hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars over the life of the copyright which could be considered the life of the creator/writer/author (you) plus seventy some odd years? A copyright is intellectual property and may be put into your financial portfolio, included in your will, trust or estate.

Are you seeking total control on the output of your book cover, spine and back panel? Do you want to cherry pick your editor who may be familiar with your personality, writing style and vision for your book? Do you have a number of titles you want to bring to market quickly instead of waiting for approval of someone else? Do you have a unique marketing and promotions campaign that is unconventional, but you know will work, given you are able to work it? Are you ready to share your story, novel, fiction, non-fiction, how to resource guide or children's book with the world? Would you like to convert your paperback or hardback book into an audio or e-book, generating even more exposure for your works and profits for your pockets. Do you like the thought of being able to sell your book anywhere, anytime and anyplace in addition to selling your book through traditional major chain bookstores?

Your story is too important to continue collecting dust in the basement, attic or garage. Your story is too important to wait for another publishing house's approval. Your story is too important to wait for the approval of an agent. Your story is too important for you to let fear stop you from achieving your goals and realizing your success.

Do as you were meant to do; take control of your own destiny and fulfill your dreams of becoming a published author. Your book may save a life, inspire another and bring you unparalleled happiness... but only if you take action today! Read How to Self-Publish for Profit