Successful Kindle Publishing with Donna Fasano

JAWAR- Congrats Donna Montgomery Fasano, what do you attribute to your [self-publishing] success thus far?

Donna Montgomery Fasano- Hard work and sweat! LOL I have been at this for 20+ years, JAWAR. I hope that I give my readers entertaining stories at bargain prices.

JAWAR- Hard work and sweat, right on. What are 1 - 3 steps you think an author may do in terms of marketing and promotions to increase sells on Kindle?

Donna Montgomery Fasano-

‎1. Submit your books to appropriate review blogs (don't send a sci-fi book to a blog that only reviews YA novels, etc).
2. Start your own blog and write fun, entertaining posts so readers can get to know you.
3. Use Twitter and Facebook to share information about you and your books.
4. Write more books! And offer them at the lowest price you can afford.

JAWAR- Donna, thank you for taking the time to share gems for writers, authors and publishers seeking to increase sells and have greater success using Amazon's Kindle Platform.

Donna is wife, mom, volunteer, writer, spiritual seeker, foodie, all-around-happy individual and may be contacted at www.DonnaFasano.commay or on Facebook at Donna on Facebook.

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