ebook Millionaire Club - John Locke, Amanda Hocking

Are you an author/publisher considering publishing your ebook on Kindle and have heard that some are seeing great success with pricing their ebooks from .99 to $2.99, but still aren't sure if this makes sense for you or not?

There's an argument that selling your ebooks at substantially low prices such as .99 - $2.99 will educate the reading public to expect books to always sell for this price and in doing so, authors are unable to make a living.

You may decide to believe this or you may crunch the numbers to verify that there's a viable pricing strategy that may be advantegous for you as an independent author and publisher.

Amanda Hocking is reported to be the first independent author to earn over $1,000,000 through Amazon's Kindle. Her pricing model in a series of books the first book sells for .99 and subsequent books sell for $2.99.

John Locke is credited with having been the first independent author/publisher to sell over 1,000,000 ebooks via Amazon's Kindle. His pricing model .99 for which he receives a .35 royalty and he did it in 5 months. For John that's roughly $350,000 in 5 months. Even if he paid an editor and graphic artist to assist with his books he still has made more money in 5 months than many people will make over the next 3 to 5 years combined.

It's safe to say that both Amanda and John are earning a great living. As it is when one person does something others then have the dynamic notion that they may do it too. One may continue to find more success in doing what proven leaders are doing than not.

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