Self Publishing Residual Income

Self-publishing your own book is one of the many ways you may earn residual income from your intellectual property. With the ability to quickly and inexpensively create your own ebook there's no reason you shouldn't be in position to make money online self-publishing.

I had the opportunity to do a book signing with a young lady. She told me she had printed 1,000 books and was happy that she had sold nearly all of them and that she was preparing to write her second book. I said great how soon before you go to press to get more of your books that are nearly sold out. Her response "I hadn't thought about reprinting." WHAT, I replied have you ever considered that their are billions of people on earth. Your book is your intellectual property that should be reprinted and packaged as many times as the market will bear.

These books we write and publish I told her help set us up for residual/passive income that may be passed to future generations. This is how we continue to build our legacies I suggested. After that she said she would reprint her first book.

My point is many times we stop before we have begun with no fought of anyone or anything but ourselves.

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