Self Publishing - Creative Imagination

When asking many writers what's prohibiting them from publishing their own book they'll often site money as their reason. More often than not when I have time to speak with them directly I find money isn't what's stopping them at all. In fact, it's safe to say that when you really desire to publish your book you'll find a way to make it so.

Surely, you remember a time when someone told you no and yet that didn't stop you from obtaining what you had a desire to obtain. Publishing your own book is no less different. In fact, you have the memory and wisdom of going through the spiritual, mental and practical conditioning to position yourself to get what you want if your desire is to truly publish your book.

Money has made many of us unable to tap into our creative imagination. Even before money it has been my experience that you need to have three things in order to succeed in most cases.

You Need:

A Burning Desire
A Practical Plan -preferably written
Daily Execution of your plan

Through your experience you too have found that while money may be used it isn't the thing that most will separate those who succeed and those who fail. After all, it's reported that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before getting the light bulb right. When asked why did you keep on keeping on after failing 10,000 times, he replied I figured if I found all the ways that wouldn't work I was bound to find the way that would because I would have found all the wrong answers and the only answer left would be the right one.

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How to Self-Publish for Profit
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