Self Publish Your Own Ebook

Self publish your own ebook and profit for years to come with little to no overhead. Once you set up a proper system for self-publishing your own ebook you'll have to do little to maintain your operations beyond marketing, promoting and customer service. Many of these publishing business services may be outsourced, freeing you to enjoy time with family, friends and involving yourself in philanthropic activities.

If you were to self publish your own e-book you may keep about 97% of the profit as there are no printing or shipping cost. In addition, the distributor nor the retailer participate in the revenue generation in some instances. For instance, when you sell your ebook direct from your website or blog. The upside in earning potential for your e-book far exceeds that of a paperback, especially as more of the world becomes connected to high speed internet access. Consider that you'll position yourself to participate in the global economy from the comfort of your own home, beach, yacht or island. Isn't that something?

     All of my books are available as paperback and ebooks. Tuesday this past week one of my books was downloaded from someone in Italy, I live in Atlanta. April 25, 2008 How to Self-Publish for Profit

With the right consulting one will see that this is the perfect time to put a great amount of energy into building their foundation for increased e-book sells. The seeds you plant today will yield the fruit you eat tomorrow. This is especially true as it relates to online (Internet) marketing and e-commerce.

If you already have a paperback book it may be fairly simple to start publishing your own ebook. It's important to remember that as a writer/publisher you want to have your books available in as many different places possible giving you the best opportunity for increases sells and long-term success.

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