Self-Publish Your Books on Kindle

After writing and publishing several books and continuing to receive feedback on how the books touch the lives of other people you're encouraged to write and publish your own books. Yes, you can and yes, you may.

Some people do not publish their own books because of some of the following reasons:

Not knowing what to write about.
Fear of not knowing what to write about.
Fear of not being able to write an entire book.
Fear of the unknown of the publishing process.
Thinking they don't have the money to publish their own book.
Thinking they don't have the time to write and publish their own book.
Fear they will say the wrong thing.
Fear no, one will buy their books.
Thinking they don't know how to market and promote their books.
Not sure how to get started.
Thinking there's to much competition.

Publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle.

Sure, you may go on and on as to why you don't think you may publish your book, but I can't. I can't because most any reason you have is simply a mental barrier. When you fix your mind and spirit on doing something you'll do it. You'll find a way or make one. You'll seek every resource possible to improve your writing, seek the help of other writes and research every avenue for publishing your own book.

If you have an existing book it makes sense and cents to publish your books on Amazon's Kindle as it opens you up to another revenue stream. Remember your writing should be repurposed (repackaged) in as many different ways possible to earn you the highest royalty rate over time. Publishing your book on Kindle is made easier when you "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"

With more and more people acquiring Amazon's Kindle there will continue to be greater demand for new books. There's no reason your book shouldn't be in the offering. Some of your readers of your blog or books may now have a Kindle and want the same information on their new device. You'll be doing them a terrific service by making your books available on the Kindle.

Many bloggers who write contextual blogs miss an incredible chance to turn their blog into a book. It's the simplest idea going around, yet many people who blog don't do this. Perhaps it's because of some of the things mentioned earlier or perhaps it's just laziness. Whatever the reason it's time to move on and publish your writing as a paperback and ebook on Amazon's Kindle.

Thank you for granting this time to share with you. May you continue to be happy, healthy and wealthy!

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