99 Cent Kindle Ebooks - Good or Bad for Publishing

What the 99cent Kindle eBooks have done is open up the market to many writers who wouldn't have other wised had their material published. What the 99cent Kindle eBooks have done is to force a new business model for the traditional publishing industry.

The 99cent Kindle eBooks when used properly may help to encourage sells which may in turn help sell other books by the authors and publishers at higher prices. I've adjusted prices from 99cent to $9.99 and what I've found is price does matter, but it matters most in the genre in which you write. Those genres which are most competitive will likely see a continuation of price competitiveness.

As an author becomes more well known and builds a base of readers the author may be able to raise their prices without having their sells adversely effected. If it happens that their book sells decrease it may be offset by the equivalent benefit of a higher royalty per book sold.

Kindle Publishing for Everyone

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