Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program

Kathleen Cross asked several good questions about the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program in the Facebook ePublishing Group. Below are her Kathleen's words and JAWAR'S response to them.

Kathleen's Original Post: My two novels are enrolled in's KDP Select, which I know is somewhat controversial, since while it's enrolled there, it can't be offered elsewhere online. Most of my sales come from Amazon anyway (95+%) so I'm willing to try it for now to see if it raises visibility for my titles.


I'm wondering if anyone in this format has tried that, and what your results were.

JAWAR'S RESPONSE: Kathleen Cross, I've yet to participate in the Kindle Select Program, but I intend on doing so.

Did giving your book away free for a short time via Kindle garner more paid readers in the long run?

JAWAR'S RESPONSE: This is a good question Kathleen. When I spoke to other authors and publishers they've mentioned why the sell of the particular book didn't necessarily increase dramatically over previous months what they did notice was the sells of their other books in the same genre or books in a series started selling much better. This may be a direct result of readers being able to sample your work and if they in fact like it, they will purchase your other material, which in terms answers your question below.

Did your Amazon ranking rise?

JAWAR'S RESPONSE: The more books you sell within a relative time period the higher your ranking goes which means your book will get more exposure, which means you'll sell more books at least that's the basic theory of how Amazon ranking works. Knowing this information one may create a strategy to help garner increased book sells.

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