Is Amazon Screwing Indie Publishers

For the past few years Amazon has been leading
the charge in ebook publishing for indie writers,
authors and publishers. Authors publishing their
books through Amazon's Kindle Platform get a
30% or 70% royalty per ebook sold, which is
dramatically hire than what they'd get if they
were published through a traditional major
publishing house.

Below is my response to Elaine Little who was
thankful for a number of authors and publishers
who shared their experience and thoughts about
making their books available through Amazon.


Elaine, the same people who are very
pro "support your local..." and anti-major corp.
probably have a lot of "products" made outside
the U.S. It's a really funny conversation.

Sure there's a need to buy from indie companies,
just as there's a need to buy goods and services
from one's own country, but the truth is where in
a global economy and as it is now technology and
the internet gives indie companies the ability to
reach markets that span well beyond their borders.

Indie companies are able to not only survive, but
thrive in many instances if they use the tools and
resources at their disposal. Amazon is only one of
the companies and ways that one may resell both
print and ebooks. The real question is are indie
authors and publishers searching for all ways
possible to make it easier for their readers to
buy their books?

It continues to be my experience that if you look
for the positive you'll find the equivalent benefit,
just as if you're focused on the negative you'll
find the equivalent un-benefit. In this I've found
a number of ways to use marketing, distributing
and selling of my books through Amazon and
other major companies most beneficial.

Of course, I'm willing to share this information as
a consultant to other writers, authors and

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