E-books Help Self Publishers

According to the Tues, Dec 13, 2011
Issue of USA Today Ebooks help self
publishers find big success!

E-books reduce cost for writers and

Kindle is the fastest and best selling
e-reader on the market. The Kindle is
produces by Amazon.

Imagine all the people that will get
the new Kindle Fire during the 2011
Holiday Season... many of the people
will look to download new ebooks as
they go into 2012.

Your ebooks may be the one's they
come across and download.

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P.S. According to USA Today, Dec
13, 2011. In 2008 ebooks were 0.6%
of the total trade market. In 2010 ebooks
were 6.4% of the trade. In 2011 ebooks
are 13.6% of the total trade market.

According to Michael Prescott "it's a gold rush
out there." To publish your own book
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