How to Market an Ebook

A simple way to market your ebook is to create a
brand and series of ebooks. For example, a part 2,
3, 4, etc. It's a lot easier to upsell an existing client
reader than it is to find a new one.

Build your book as a brand and not merely a stand 
alone product. Think "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Series,
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series, "Harry Potter
Series", the "Star Wars" Saga and so on and so

In doing this you'll satisfy your reader and create
passive/residual income for yourself. After you've
built a catalog of material, you may repackage
offering a deep discount with added bonus material.

This adds the perception of tremendous value and
almost ensures additional sells. Using this strategy
during special occasions and peak and off buying
seasons creates a serious cash flow opportunity for
you and your publishing house.

There are very specific and definite actions you may
take now and later when considering how to market
your ebook. When you're ready to create a master
plan specific to growing your ebook publishing
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