How to Kindle Direct Publishing - Good, Bad or Ugly?

Every writer, every author, has the want to get published at some point, to see their work in print. To be able to look at their published work in a bookstore or online and proudly point out "I made that" for many writers, that dream could never come true. Maybe it was because their writing wasn't good enough. Maybe it was because they wouldn't let the publisher rewrite half the characters of their story and a quarter of the plot. Or maybe it was because they thought that getting something published was so far out of reach that it didn't really matter to try at all.

When it comes to Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, all those worries go right out the window. Why? Because everyone may get published with KDP. And the best part about self-publishing on KDP? It's free. There are no upfront costs whatsoever. What's not to love about that?

Revolutionizing an Industry

KDP has truly revolutionized the publishing industry when it comes to writers of all genres. How? Self-publishing has always been a method for some writers simply because they don't want to see their artistic vision ruined or their unique concept turned on its head. In the past, self-publishing has been a difficult proposition for success because there was no distribution arm to get your book into bookstores. Your options were to sell it out of the trunk of your car, have someone local peddle it for you, and have book signings in cheap places and hope people would come out.

With KDP, all of that is taken care of up front. Sure, you might only get to send your books out to Kindle readers, but with free Kindle applications on internet browsers like Google Chrome plus free Kindle apps for iPads, Android tables, and smart phones, virtually everyone has the opportunity to read books on Kindle, which eliminates the distribution problem that self-publishers have faced in the past.

People are moving toward utilizing both print and electronic book formats when it comes to reading their books. Certainly there is nothing like the experience of turning a physical page or experiencing what a new book smells like. But the ease and flexibility of electronic media is difficult to ignore as it becomes easier and easier to access it, so now is the time to take advantage of this change in attitude if you are thinking about self-publishing.

Make More & Sell For Less When You Publish on KDP

The other obstacle to self-publishing for writers has simply been the cost. There are setup fees, design fees, consultation fees, and distribution fees if you had a self-publisher who could get your book into bookstores, so by the time you got your book all ready to publish in the proper format, you’re already out four figures - and that's before you buy copies of your book to attempt to resell and at most make maybe 15% off of it.

With KDP, an author can actually make MORE and sell their book for LESS, much less. 

The base price an author can set for their book that’s published on Kindle is $2.99. Out of that $2.99, an author who qualifies for 70% commission and almost every author does, would make about $2.00 per book. Compare that to a traditional novel in the bookstore that might cost you $9.99. Out of that $9.99, an author through a traditional publisher would make around $1.00, maybe a little more. What do you think a customer is more willing to buy… the e-book for $2.99 that you can purchase and read on the go or the traditional book for $9.99 that you have to travel to go get or pay for shipping?

And with KDP, you can simultaneously publish on Amazon's American, British, German, Spain, Italy and France websites and earn the same percentage of royalties off of international purchases. Before KDP, worldwide distribution, if a self-publisher could even get it, was a terrible headache for self-publishers because each international publisher had their own unique rules which they followed, which then meant the authors had to keep reconfirming their products or pay others to do so. Not an ideal proposition for many. But now, worldwide distribution is simple and easy - it's basically one click away.

Free Publishing is Good… Is There Free Marketing Too?

So self-publishing on Kindle is free, it's easy to do, makes sense to do for the author because there's no upfront costs - authors are going to make a fortune right? Well… as Lee Corso says, not so fast, my friend. Just because the publishing is free doesn't mean you are just going to be able to sit back and rake in commissions. People don't know about your book. People don't care about your book. Those now become your tasks as an author - convincing people to care and convincing people to purchase your story.
That's easier said than done. Most authors who self-publish certainly have a core of family and friends who would be willing to purchase the story outright, but at most that might be 50 or maybe 100 total copies sold. How can you make that become 1,000 copies, 10,000 copies, or even more? Especially when there are literally millions of e-books on the Kindle website and thousands of authors who are literally uploading their books like you did this very second?

Certainly one marketing strategy authors may take is to promote and grow themselves on social networking platforms. More followers means more opportunities for sales, means more potential incoming revenue/royalties from commissions. As with publishing on KDP this is also nice and free, meaning the only thing this is going to cost you is time, personal effort and a lot of patience to keep growing your influence. So you may start a dedicated Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts. As your family and friends start sharing your tweets, posts and videos about your ebooks, your amplification will start to spread, given you have compelling messages.

Creating and sending out press releases to various news outlets is another easy and relatively free thing you can do, especially with the ability to e-mail them directly to newspapers, magazines, and other forms of print media outlet. The challenge in taking this tactic is that for many print outlets, they want to provide content to their readers that is relevant and wants them to come back for more. That means you've got to convince the media outlets that your product is relevant to their readers, will be interesting enough for their readers to want to read, and will generate continued interest in the media publication. Not the easiest of tasks - and because you're not likely a celebrity and most people don't know who you are, a general press release just isn't going to work. You're going to have to spend more time and use more patience to write tailored releases to each media outlet.

Easily Change Your Mind with KDP

One of the issues that traditional authors and even authors who self-publish face is that their commissions are set, even if the prices of the books are varied by the publisher. If a book doesn't sell, oh well. With KDP, you have the flexibility to easily change your price points, your commission percentage, and the tags and description of your e-book. This means that if you are simply not finding any success with your initial setup, you can keep trying new things to garner traffic your way. You can even reduce your commission to 35% and sell your book for just $0.99 if you think that might bring in more sales. You can change your description tags if what you've put on just doesn't generate results. The flexibility combined with the ability to do it for free simply makes this a highly rewarding experience.

To Sum It Up - Everyone Can Get Published with KDP Today

If you are a writer, then you should be considering non-traditional publishing forums simply because it is extremely difficult to break into the traditional publishing world. When it comes to non-traditional publishing forums, especially self-publishing, all of the advantages lie with a decision to publish on KDP. That's because there is simply no monetary cost to make this happen. You can get your e-book listed on Amazon literally tomorrow and start earning commissions from sales of it. You earn higher commissions and can make much more money than traditional authors per book and the only cost in all of this to you is your time, your manual labor at promoting, and your patience as you work on growing and amplifying your presence.

A decision to self-publish on KDP is literally all up-side - if you're a writer, why don't you check out the Kindle Cash Flow system and see how by this time tomorrow, you too can be a published author with an e-book ready to go on Amazon.

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