Should Ebooks be Free

Below is a conversation about if ebooks should be given away for free or not. Some of the comments have been edited for clarity.

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Should ebooks be Free if the buyer purchases the paperback or hardcover version of the book. Sort of a buy one, get one free incentive.

Joy Farrington 
I think its a good incentive and you wouldn't lose money since its an e-book. But I don't think it shuold be free. It really depends on the author, book, and publishing company and not something that should be a requirement for all books.

It's been my experience that it's good to have special offers to your client base, perhaps having this buy one get one free would be one such special offer.
I've given away ebooks as an incentive to sell some paperbacks, but not as a normal way of doing business as I like to have something special to offer from time to time.
Thank you for the question. What have you decided to do in terms of giving away ebook versions when someone buys a physical copy of your books?

Zls Publishing 
I've never given away any of my authors books for free as an incentive to buy the physical copy. To reviewers I've given them the free ebook copy and some have bought the physical book copy later on down the line because they enjoyed the book that much. Now, I have a magazine in which I've done that where if you buy the physical magazine you get the digital version free and some have enjoyed that and some have not wanted the digital version, just the physical but thanked us for the digital anyway as they passed it on to someone they knew. I think you have to find out what works for you and your book. Different strokes, for different folks. The beauty is that you can always try it to see if it works and if it doesn't you can switch back really quickly.

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