Should a writer use their real or pen name?

Q: Should a writer use their real name or a pen name and how should the arrangements be set up for payments if a pen name is used?
A: You may actually use both your real name and pen name. For instance, you may write a book and use your real name and pen name or you may singularly use either one.
The reason as to why you want or not want to use your pen name will determine which is best for you. For instance, at a time I was heavily involved in the music business and provided consulting and marketing services, so when publishing the Music Industry Connection Book Series it made since to use my name JAWAR. However, when publishing fiction, I didn't want to confuse my audience, so using a pen name was more desirable.

Additionally, if you publish on your own publishing branded company website it may be presented as though your publishing company has a number of authors for which it publishes, so although someone is downloading or ordering a book from 123 Author the money is still going to your Paypal or merchant credit card (bank) account.

When you publish on platforms such as Amazon, you have the option of entering whatever name you'd like for the author of the books being submitted. However, when you set up your account, you're going to enter in certain banking and routing numbers to ensure you get paid, so it doesn't matter what the authors are on the books. 
Authors have different reasons as to why they use a pen name vs. their real names, but in general it boils down to a certain level of privacy.