Should you set up book signings?

QUESTION: Have of you set up your own signing at a local bookstore?

ANSWER: Yes, I've set up my own book signings at physical stores.

While it's good to set up book signings it may be a great idea to consider non-traditional signings as well. For instance, if you have an erotica book it may be a good idea to have a signing at a women's lingerie shop or adult store. In my case, I did speaking engagements/signings at library's, music conferences and music equipment stores since my book was dealing with the music industry.

Additionally, I set up some unique cross-marketing sponsorship's that helped me appear as though I had a larger promotions budget than I actually had at the time. My brand equity increased causing more opportunities to be created. Although that was ten years ago it's still had a tremendously, wonderful effect as people are still finding me on Facebook and Twitter and say, "I remember ..."