Think Like a Successful Publisher: How to write and publish Kindle ebooks

There seems to be two distinct sets of successful author/publishers of Kindle ebooks.

There are the author/publisher who sort of stumbles upon success after continuing to publish a number of ebooks within the same general genre. These authors continue to improve their writing craft and tend to be fairly social on at least one media platform be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There's also the author/publisher who are more researcher/marketer. While they do some of the same of the author/publisher mentioned above they tend to invest a lot more time selecting genres and categories they think has the best opportunity for success. They employee a number of internet marketing strategies and tactics that keep their reading audience thirsty for more.

Whichever path you choose, realize self publishing your own high quality, high value ebooks on Kindle and beyond is not a get rich quick scheme, requires you invest a certain amount of time, energy and resources, but when you crack the code, success is imminent.

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