Can you really earn big money publishing ebooks?

When informing you about different business opportunities most people will only show and tell you about the upside ... how much money the top earners earn, but rarely will they tell you about the average income or that most people don't earn enough money to pay one month's rent/mortgage, etc.

As an advocate for publishing ebooks, I want you to use my ebook publishing coaching/consulting services, but the truth is if you're like most people, you will not earn enough money to pay your rent/mortgage. This is not because it's not possible, but because if you're like most people you will not start the program presented to you and if you do start you'll give up long before you find your stride and that my friend is a tragedy.

My mentor happened to "stumble" upon earning money publishing ebooks. Had he not earned at least a few dollars initially, he probably would have not invested more time publishing more ebooks. Had he not continued to earn more money he probably would have abandoned the practice of publishing ebooks.

Had I not had a personal coach/consultant/mentor to encourage, guide and give me a step by step system with resources for publishing high quality ebooks, I probably would not have earned as much money as I have publishing ebooks.

Fortunately, you may have a coach, consultant and mentor to encourage, guide and give you a step by step system with resources for publishing high quality ebooks on a regular basis EVEN if you're not a writer. The do it yourself track may be found by adding your email at OR you may send me a private message to get details about scheduling your one-on-one personal coaching session this month.