How to make real money publishing ebooks

I wasn't going to mention this at first, but ...

One of my clients is really frustrated, because their sells seem to be stagnant. There earning about the same amount of money each month in passive/residual revenue as they did a little over two years ago. Keep in mind when I say passive/residual revenue, I mean they've uploaded their ebooks, have not done ANY branding, marketing, promotions or advertising and CONTINUE to get paid each and every month, although it's about the same each month as it has been over two years ago.

My client continues to ask me what are they doing wrong as they aren't earning nearly as much money as they'd hope, dream or wished to earn to date. My client now thinks there's something really special some people are doing and they are not since they haven't made a significant break through. They're looking for a big seller or at least one that consistently sells in the high double or low tripple digit numbers each month.

Here's what I told my client.

Yes, they are missing the special sauce in publishing ebooks for Kindle. Yes, successful publishers are doing something very different they are not. Yes, there's something they haven't been doing that would increase their knowledge base and chances for selling more Kindle ebooks each month ... the secret was/is to ...

First, continue to upload new ebooks each and every month. With the ability to outsource this is no problem. Second, look at those ebooks that continually sell in their own catalog and create more of those ebooks since they're working. Third, every other month or so test (upload) new genres to ensure they have a wide (deep) catalog of diverse ebooks this way if one genre stops selling they will have others that pick up the slack. In fact, this is what I had to do.

One, time paranormal romance was one of my hottest selling genres, but not any more. Had I not created and uploaded new genres my money would have dried up tremendously.

Please forgive any misspelling and/or grammatical errors as I didn't edit this post. Have you read the 4 Steps to Successfully Publishing Your eBook click here for details?