How to promote your first ebook

1-Write and publish another book and then another and then another ...

2-Present your book for sale where there's little to no competition. For instance, I would offer the Music Industry Connection Book Series at music equipment stores, record stores and music business conferences not just bookstores. 

3-Whenever you do book signings, seminars, readings, etc. always ask people to join your email list. This is one of the best ways to stay in contact with your target audience.

4-This is similar to number 3, connect with your target audience where they are most likely to be online. For instance, do you have a Youtube, Instagram, Google+ account? 

5-Learning how to promote other indie authors (helping them to shine) is another way to promote yourself and your books. For instance, some authors start blogs and interview other authors giving them immense traffic to their blogs. Additionally, because the other indie authors are excited to have some additional exposure they often promote the blog and provide links back to the blog where they are interviewed, received a review or other mention. 

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