4 Easy Steps to Email Marketing for your Book

Every business should have their own opt-in email list and the same is true for authors, doing so is like having your personal cash machine and not doing so is like leaving money on the table.

While I was collecting emails years ago I didn't have a fluid and automated system for keep staying in contact with my list of subscribers. Sure, I would send out an occasional email, but I wasn't putting the technology to it's greatest use, so that I could first, add more value to subscribers and second turn those subscribers into paying clients of multiple products and/or services. You'll want to use an autoresponder like Getreponse. This ensures you work with a company that's able to scale as your list of subscribers grow and gives you a wide range of tools, resources and customer service assistance should the need arise.

If you're selling your ebook on Amazon Kindle that's wonderful, outstanding, amazing and ... but guess who keeps the email whenever your books are sold via Kindle ... that's correct Amazon. Amazon is able to send buyers special offers based on previous purchases that are tailored to their taste. Amazon like other very successful internet based companies realize the value of having their own email list, why should you be any different?

Here are the 4 Easy Steps to Email Marketing for Your Book.

Step 1-Create an irresistible offer to your target audience.
Step 2-Let people have your offer in exchange for their email.
Step 3-Send them value added information via email.
Step 4-Send them something they may buy that's DIRECTLY related to why they signed up on your email list in the first place.

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