What Do I Need to Publish on Kindle?

By now you are aware that you can earn real money month after month creating and publishing high quality ebooks on Kindle. Now you're asking yourself, what do I need to publish on Kindle in order to earn money month after month?

Even after watching the Kindle Cash Flow Course, you may still be against the fence as to what you should publish first, I get it, been there, done that ... there's a partial solution.

Given you have the resources to publish a few ebooks at one time, you'll want to select one ebook across various genres. For instance, you may want to publish one romance, one weight loss, one home repair, one christian fiction, etc. again your resources will determine how many ebooks you can actually publish at one time.

After you've decided which ebooks you're going to publish on Kindle, get them created and uploaded as quickly as possible. Make sure all of your ebooks are high quality material you don't want to publish any junk as it WILL come back to haunt you.

It's possible if you've done your homework correctly, you MAY and the operative word is MAY have one or more of your ebooks sell within 24 hours of it being uploaded. It's happen to a few of my students and I, not all the time, but it's possible.

After a few weeks you should have an idea for which genres, categories and/or topics are going to be winners for your publishing house. Once you know your winners INVEST the majority of your time, energy and resources in creating and publishing a number of ebooks in that area. What will happen is you will create a compounding effect in sells and the money will begin to roll in on a regular basis.

The next goal is to totally dominate your niche. This is done by constantly creating and publishing high quality ebooks that OVER delivers what your readership wants. Always, always, always give your readers what they want. As you create more ebooks in the area that's selling for you, you'll want to create opt-in pages and interlink one book to another, so that no, matter which title a person buys from your publishing house they are directed to other ebooks in your catalog. These are some of the key elements to ensuring your catalog always sells. Of course, always is a relative term, but let's say you're helping to increase the shelf life of your material and are creating an "evergreen" situation for yourself.

What do you need to publish on Kindle and be successful doing so ... you need a practical system which includes text, video and audio to ensure the information sticks. Get your four steps to publishing your ebook, click here!