How to Get Started Publishing eBooks

Sometimes there's a lesson in knowing someone's story. Below is the very short story of how I got started publishing ebooks. Perhaps you would be so kind as to share your own story in the comments section. 

QUESTION: JAWAR, how did you get started publishing ebooks?

ANSWER: After having published paperback books someone told me how they made over $40,000 in one year publishing ebooks. This was pre-Kindle, tablets and other ereading devices. This is when the main publishing format was PDF's and Word Documents. They emphasized how they didn't have to print or ship any books, had instance access to a global marketplace from the comfort of their own home and returns were nominal. That along with my own experiences publishing paperbacks encouraged me to publish my first ebook.

Fast-forward a few years a friend and mentor kept telling me how he was earning money publishing on Kindle. His numbers kept significantly increasing month after month. He explained how he found a system to successfully publish ebooks on Kindle. He noted that just about anyone could do this AND you DID NOT have to be a writer. I became his student, I did EXACTLY what he said do and because of it, I too started earning passive/residual revenue publishing ebooks on Kindle and beyond.

4 Steps to Publishing Your Ebook