Do you have any tips on creating an ebook cover?

Below you'll find a few tips on creating an ebook cover.

1-When publishing on platforms such as Kindle ensure you or your graphics person follows the guidelines given on that platform for cover design.

2-Look at some of the current covers in the genre in which you publish. You'll want to create something that speaks to your books genre, but that stands out from the rest, so your cover gets notices quickly. Keep in mind when people are looking at book covers they are scrolling, so your cover has to immediately grab their attention. It's similar to how people only give a new website a few seconds before they decide to stay or leave.

3-When using graphics ensure they are copyright and royalty free or that you've gotten clearance (approval) for using any artwork, in addition to any financial compensation the photographer or illustrator is suppose to receive.

4-When using a graphics person always negotiate getting the .psd file in addition to the jpeg (jpg) as this will allow you to adjust the cover even use another graphics person some time in the future.