Since you're publishing an ebook should you hire a publicist?

QUESTION: Should I hire a publicist or pr firm since I'm planning on publishing a ebook?

ANSWER: Sure invest your money on hiring a publicist after you've selected the right genre, identified your target readers, written an excellent ebook with little to no grammar or spelling errors, selected the right title, cover, description, keywords (tags) and price point.

Hire a publicist after you've created a significant online presence by engaging your target reader using any number of social media sites including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wattapad, etc. After you've done some of these things then it may be time to hire a publicist, but before you make that next step ensure you know what you expect from the publicist.

Most professionals will tell you that hiring them may not necessarily lead to increased sells it should lead to some exposure via radio interviews, articles written about you and/or your new release and so forth.

A publicist isn't the magic bullet to increased sells for a new author/publisher. A professional publicist is like icing on the cake they aren't the cake itself. If you have a poorly written book hiring a publicist will only damage your reputation as a writer. In fact, many of the publicist I know wouldn't accept you as a client if your book was poorly written or at a minimum they'd require you to hire a professional editor before using their services.