When should you pay to market your Kindle eBook?

It's wise to consider paying to test different marketing campaigns. After all, given you find something that works and works really well it could be integrated into your Kindle publishing system and position you to sell more ebooks on a frequent basis. With that being said before you start investing $100 or more you'll want to consider the points below in no order of importance.

Ensure your ebooks have...

1-Great cover design.
2-Excellent book description.
3-The proper keywords (tags).
4-Well written book.
5-A few positive reviews.
6-Having a book priced at .99, $2.99 or $3.99.
7-Having other books in the same genre or in a series is a big plus, especially given those books sell for more than the original book.

I think having these things in place are paramount before launching a marketing campaign where you start investing $100+. The $100 price point is relevant. For some people the amount may be $75, $50 or even $25. The point is that before investing a certain amount of money in testing different marketing campaigns and/or systems your book is as tight as possible.

Given the marketing campaign starts to work and people begin downloading and/or buying your ebook, you don't want them to give bad reviews, because you didn't run spell/grammar check, haven't proofread or had professional editing. You want to give people every reason to enjoy your book and leave an awesome review.

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