How to Increase Your Opportunity to Sell More Kindle Ebooks

One of the keys to building a profitable internet based business (ebook publishing empire) is to build your own opt-in email list of targeted readers. For instance, you may include a link with a SPECIAL BONUS OFFER at the end of each of your books. You may entice people to join your email list by offering them a free ebook, BONUS Chapter, special coaching program, etc. there's no limit to what may be offered.

The next time you publish a new book you may promote it to your list "offering" an introductory price for a "LIMITED TIME!" This may help to increase your ranking on Kindle, so more people see your book which generally increases sells. You may also encourage people on your email list to leave reviews of your books they've bought.

Remember Amazon has the email of EVERY PERSON that has bought a book through their website. Whenever they want to generate more cash all they have to do is send a email to a targeted group of readers who have already bought books in a certain genre. You should follow Amazon's lead on this one and ask for the email address of EVERYONE that buys your ebooks.

Not following this information is literally leaving money on the table. One of the companies I've used and am using to stay in contact with my readers is Get Response at