Having a system for checking Kindle book reviews is important for your books success

You want to set up a system for checking the reviews on your books. Initially, this isn't so cumbersome as you may have one to five titles, but as you start adding more ebooks and your catalog becomes a lot more expansive it will be important to have a schedule as to when you review, your reviews. 

Having a plan of action, a fluid system in place which will include outsourcing to free up your time is paramount. 

My goal isn't to sit in front of the computer all day long tweaking my ebook empire system, but rather learn how to quickly outsource as much as possible to ensure I invest time doing things that are of more importance to me i.e. investing time with family and friends, traveling, speaking to people about being happy, healthy and wealthy. These activities are made possible in part by outsourcing as much as my business systems as possible.

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