Is it possible to publish ebooks to Kindle that sell even when you don't market them? Interview with EmmaLee Bertagnole

It's true that you may create and publish certain ebooks to Amazon Kindle, not market them and they will sell. Some people don't believe this fact. In fact, some people feel so strongly this isn't true they will invest a great amount of time and energy attempting to prove otherwise when they could simply find what ebooks have the best opportunity for being sold with little to no marketing and promotions, upload their ebooks and see what happens.

Keep in mind, I'm not suggesting you should not brand, market, promote and/or advertise your ebooks. However, after reading the interview below with EmmaLee, you will see that there are other author/publishers who are experiencing success with a different mindset and strategy vs. publishing, marketing and promoting to get sells.

Additionally, you would be wise to note that if you find one or more of your ebooks sells without you marketing or promoting it you could really turn up the heat with the RIGHT form of internal marketing and promotions... more about that later in the article.

The interview below is a compelling read. Take notes!

JAWAR: Outside of posting in various Facebook Groups what other social media marketing and/or promotions do you tend to do on a regular basis?

EmmaLee Bertagnole: I'm lazy. I do very little promo on either of my author names. A few Facebook Posts on release week and I tweet maybe once a month. Other than that promo is not even thought about.

JAWAR: Have you always been lack luster as it relates to marketing your ebooks and if not when did you get this way?

EmmaLee Bertagnole: I have always been this way. I'm lucky that under my other name I have great fans and they do the work for me. Honestly for me getting a new book out is the best promo I can do. A new release will increase sales of my back list by at least 50% that month compared to months when I don't have a new release out.

JAWAR: Some people who experience a certain level of success with ebooks who do little to no marketing or promotions had been published by another company ie they went the traditional publishing route and/or had some form of celebrity.

Were your books published through the original publishing route and/or did you have some form of celebrity before publishing your ebooks?

EmmaLee Bertagnole: All my books were self published. I had no fan base before I started putting them out. I just can't swallow giving up to 70% of the money I could be earning to a publisher. Not saying it's not right for some people, but with the luck and success I have had with self publishing I can't see going with a publisher unless it is to join an anthology or something like that. I was lucky to have other authors in my genre post a few links on fb for me when my books come out and I think that helped fans find my work.

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