Can you still make money selling Kindle How to Ebooks for 9.99

There was a time that people were uploading and publishing relatively short how to ebooks to Kindle and selling them for $7.99 - $9.99. Not all of these ebooks were of the highest quality and many of them didn't solve the problem of the reader. These ebooks started getting bad reviews and new author/publishers started offering their how to ebooks for lower price points.

The question is asked can you still make money selling Kindle how to ebooks for $9.99?

You definitely have to pay attention to what's going on in the market place as things do change from time to time. With that being said, you may still sell certain genres for $9.99.

Strategically my goal is to focus on an overall dollar amount ebook royalty earnings vs. merely considering the dollar amount per unit sold. In this case you may find you earn more money in total, selling at a lower per unit price than you would selling each unit at a higher per unit price.

How to books will continue to sell, because you will know your niche audience, speak the language of that audience, present your ebook in a compelling way in terms of title, book cover, description, table of contents and so forth. Additionally, you will present the information in an easy to read format, provide problems then practical solutions. Perhaps adding some humor from time to time would be most beneficial as well. Last, when you add the power of branding, marketing, promotions and advertising, you'll find your how to ebooks may be part of your ever green catalog creating residual/passive revenue for you.

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