Ebook Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

Why are so many writers, authors and publishers focusing more effort, time and money on ebook publishing vs. traditional publishing? Below you'll find a few reasons.

-Ebooks may be quicker to create.
-Ebooks require a lot less money to create and publish.
-You may quickly and inexpensively reach a global audience with ebooks
-There's little to no shipping or storage cost with ebooks.
-You may update an ebook relatively quickly and inexpensively.
-Ebook publishing allows you to live the laptop lifestyle.
-It's easier to use ebooks for lead generation.
-You don't have to do book signings to spread the word about ebooks.
-You can better measure and test your marketing campaigns.
-You may test new genres and sub-genres relatively quick with ebooks.
-There's less trees used and carbon footprint left in ebook publishing.

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