Should you publish your ebook if you want a traditional publishing deal

Many writers and authors are asking themselves should the publish their own ebooks if they are still seeking a traditional publishing contract with a major or min-major publishing house?

The answer in part boils down to what you value. Do you value someone else telling you how great and wonderful your writing is and handing you a publishing contract or do you value readers telling you how wonderful and great you are by actually buying your ebooks?

Amanda Hocking is one of the more successful self-published authors. According to Amazon she is the first self-published author to earn $1,000,000 by selling ebooks by way of Kindle. Later on she received a "traditional" publishing deal with St. Martin's Press. 

What made her traditional publishing deal sweet is that she still has the ability to publish her own ebooks while having other books published by St. Martin's Press.

Amazon has a publishing harm were they are selectively signing authors who are showing promise with their self-published ebooks. 

When done properly you may publish your ebook independently on Kindle and still secure a traditional publishing deal if that's what you're seeking. In fact, it may be a lot easier to publish your ebook and get a publishing deal than to publish your paperback independently  Because you may stop the sell of your ebooks at any time.

Selling your self-published ebook allows you to earn money, while building a readership that is simple to follow given the number of people that have actually bought your books. 

Given the royalty percentage you may earn signing with a traditional publisher vs. publishing yourself, you may come out better self-publishing your own ebooks. Of course, there are a few break-out authors and you may be one of them AND like many authors you may seek some level of approval from a traditional publishing house for your writing. 

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