Your Tips on How to Write with a Busy Schedule

You are probably very busy living life with work, a business, school, marriage, children and philanthropy. With all or any of this going on it may sometimes be difficult to find time to write, edit and publish your first or next masterpiece.

You'll find the six steps below relatively simple and straightforward.  Any one of the tips may assist you in adding more to your book on a daily basis. Let me know how you've been able to implement some or all of these into your daily schedule. Remember a little a day will help the book right away.

1-Set aside time to write and write.

2-Write short notes throughout the day.
3-Audio record on your smartphone and transcribe later.
4-Use the outline form to write. It helps develop thoughts.
5-Use the clustering method to write.
6-Hire ghostwriters to help you write OR to write for you.

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