eBook Publishing Profit Potential

New authors and publishers may often get discouraged when the see returns of their ebooks. However, they would be wise to note that the genre and time of year may all contribute to both high and low returns of ebooks.

Below is a real look at two months of sells of ebooks that may help you put returns and profits of ebooks into perspective.

One of my ebooks sold 25 downloads last month and had 3 returns. This month that same ebook has 6 returns, but has sold 39 downloads so far this month. I present this to you ONLY to remind you to put your numbers into perspective. This is also true of pricing your ebooks.

If you're working on building your brand and NEED the most amount of people to download AND read your ebooks then it may make sense to sell your ebooks for a low amount, say .99. However, if you're looking to earn the greatest front-end profit then it may make greater sense to sell your ebooks for $2.99.

Looking at your numbers has to be put into perspective, in addition, to your goals and objectives. For details on INCREASING ebook profits add your email at http://www.jawarspeaks.com/ebook-publishing/