How You Can be a Successful eBook Author and Publisher

Several people that I've consulted/coached on publishing their ebooks on Kindle and beyond have asked seemingly the same question... "can I REALLY make money doing this," "do you think I CAN get rich doing this," "is THIS REAL..."

Even after making a considerable investment people still have doubts. REMOVE the doubt from your mind. You HAVE to reprogram and recondition your mind to BELIEVE and have FAITH that this WILL and IS working for you, because you're following the steps and investing the necessary time to make this happen.

It may take you a few weeks or months to find out what really works for you... AND when you do that's when you put ALL of your energy and resources towards that specific genre and niche to DOMINATE it! Own it! Make it yours! (REMEMBER: it's wise to save some of ALL you earn for it is yours to keep!)

Once you see consistent money ie several hundred or a few thousand dollars a month in passive revenue then look towards new genres that you may duplicate your system and processes.

You CAN make money doing this! When you need to maintain your focus you'll want take the AMAZING ecourse at Focus Your Motivation!

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